Servicing of Trailers

Who understands KNOTT products better than their manufacturer? Therefore, we provide the servicing of trailers with our components on the highest level. Thanks to a specialized workshop found directly in our production hall, spare parts are always at hand and the potential production of a needed component is realised as soon as possible. Moreover, your trailer will be taken care of by our most experienced technicians, so that you could rely on its flawless function, safety and long life.

The carried-out service operations include mainly:

  • adjustment of brake system
  • replacement of worn parts (dampers, draw tubes, bearings, brake cables, brake-shoes and -drums, coupling heads and eyelets, etc.)
  • reconditioning of axles and overrun brakes
  • replacement of complete axles and overrun brakes
  • repairs of electrical installation
  • inspection of axle geometry

Grant your trailer a regular maintenance and rest assured that nothing will take you by surprise during the season.

You will find a high-quality servicing of trailers with KNOTT components at our authorised service partners as well: 

Contacts of authorised service stations outside of the Slovak Republic will be provided by a KNOTT representation in the given country. You can find the list of all KNOTT companies in the KNOTT Group section.