About Us

The company KNOTT spol. s r.o. was established in August 1991 in Modra, Slovakia. It is a part of the KNOTT-Holding GmbH group, whose other production facilities are for instance in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Moreover, the company is represented all over Europe, in North America, Asia and Africa.

Our primary focus is the production of braked or unbraked axles and overrun brakes for trailers and trailer accessories. Then, it is the production of industrial brakes for construction and agricultural machinery as well as forklift trucks and specialised vehicles. Several years ago, the company’s production programme expanded by the airport ground support equipment production, specifically the production of various baggage and container dollies and container storage racks.

KNOTT is considered a custom manufacturer. Next to a professional consultancy, the company’s strategy also offers cooperation with customer since the early development stages of a new product, with the natural part of development being the use of an in-house accredited testing laboratory with Europe-wide validity. Personal and qualified approach, guidance, as well as outstanding product quality are typical for all companies within the group. The logistics of component and spare part deliveries as well as their servicing are realised worldwide, reliably and at the highest level.